Fully & part funded Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 electric vehicle training. Receive up to £1800 worth of training for every Technician at our UK based training facilities.

Currently, only around 18% of all vehicle technicians in the UK are trained in electric vehicle technologies. With over 800,000 electric and hybrid vehicles already on the UK road network, and thousands of electric vehicles rolling off production lines every week, the UK faces a skills gap that needs to be addressed.

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Courses run so far across level 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Free Training

Part and fully funded* training available on all Level 3 and 4 qualifications.

*Full funding available for self employed + unemployed technicians.


90- 100% fully funded courses

We are currently working in numerous regions of the UK to deliver a range of IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) courses in electric vehicle and green technologies. We want to address this skills gap, providing vehicle technicians with the necessary skills and qualifications that they need to safely service and repair cars built with green technologies. 

Excellent facilities

The centre will enable Wolverhampton College to deliver a ‘UK-first’ scheme to train technicians to work on electrical and hybrid vehicles

Choose a course

Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Level 2

IMI Level 2 in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System repair and replacement

Fully Funded
Introduction to the motor industry
Understand basic electrical principles
Introduction to health and safety
Practical assessment.

Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Level 3

IMI Level 3 in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System repair and replacement

Fully Funded
Work safely on an electric/hybrid vehicle
High energy electrical systems
Acquire significant core knowledge
EV First aid

Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Level 4

IMI Level 4 in Diagnostics, Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid components

Fully Funded
Installation of high voltage components
Temperature control cell management
Component evaluation
Aquire High Voltage Safety


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