Skills Bootcamp Electric

IMI Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Systems Repair and Replacement.

This unique course will enhance your existing knowledge and understanding of electronic principles. It will develop your understanding further and teach you how to safely apply those principles to high voltage repair and diagnostic procedures.
All learners successfully completing this IMI Level 3 qualification will acquire significant core knowledge and skills, and the ability to safely remove and replace electric and hybrid vehicle high voltage components.
The course is delivered over five days with a 60/40 percent split theory to practical. As part of your training you will disarm at least two vehicles, and check for low and high voltage present. You will then go on to (under one-to-one supervision) test for voltage, remove a high voltage component, check the components’ functionality, refit and retest.
You will also use the very latest diagnostic equipment to check that the repair status meets all the necessary criteria, determined by both the vehicle and the component manufacturer.
At the end of the five days, technicians will be able to:

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