The number of electric and hybrid vehicles is on the up in the UK, but where are the qualified technicians to service them?

The UK is facing a critical shortage of electric vehicle technicians as the number of electric and hybrid vehicles continues to increase. 

With the number of electric vehicles in the UK now over 1 million the number of skilled technicians that can safely service and work on these vehicles is not keeping pace. 

In May 2023, 16.9% of all new cars registered were electric vehicles, that is around 24,500 vehicles. 

It is vitally important that the UK, and the rest if the world, move towards Net Zero but it is just as important that there are enough skilled mechanics to safely work on them. Without the skilled workforce to maintain these vehicles safely, consumers are going to be reluctant to make the switch to electric.

There is no better time to get qualified

If you are a motor vehicle technician, there is no better time to get qualified as the government are offering funding to up-skill mechanics across the country. 

Mechanics who are employed, unemployed or self employed are all eligible for funding at varying levels from fully funded courses to part funded and are being encouraged to get qualified.

Now is the time to get qualified and up-skilled to stay ahead in the industry. 

How do you get qualified?

We offer fully and part funded Level 3 and 4 IMI accredited courses across the West Midlands, East Midlands and Lincolnshire areas of the country. 

Our courses are hybrid courses and involve 5 days face to face training at our state of the art facilities as well as some digital learning on the IMI’s online training platform.

If you would like to learn more about these courses and book yourself or your employees on, please get in touch today by emailing We have dates available throughout the year.

*If you aren’t living or working in the locations mentioned above, we can still offer our level 3 and 4 courses at a commercial rate so feel free to get in touch for more information. 

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