1. Purpose

1.1.  Duplex Business Services are aware of the importance of good environmental management and that how we manage our business can have an effect on our working environment and that of our partners. Through this policy we aim to comply with all of our obligations both legal and moral.

1.2.  We are committed to protecting the environment and will ensure that environmental consideration is integrated into our business processes as far as is reasonably practicable given that we work extensively with partners.

1.3.  Legislative compliance is a minimum. However, we will endeavour to ensure continually improving environmental management with a focus upon prevention.

1.5.  To help ensure compliance with our partners Environmental Policy’s, Duplex Business Services are able to complete audits in conjunction with those partners’ overarching principles.

2. Aims

2.1. Duplex Business Services will:

  • Manage our activities, products and services with consideration for the environment and in a manner consistent with our partners values
  • Comply with current legislation and regulations to prevent, minimise and control pollution through the practical application of waste programmes
  • Commit sufficient resources to ensure that the objectives are met
  • Proactively reduce waste and consumption of resources
  • Actively recycle waste streams wherever possible
  • Eliminate polluting releases to the environment and adopt a continual improvement strategy
  • Influence the design of products for optimal environmental performance with consideration to end of life recyclability
  • Have regard to the environmental effects of raw material sourcing
  • Minimise the environmental effects of new developments through strategic planning

Sustainability Policy – Statement of Intent

Ensure all staff understand this policy and its impact upon its partners.

  • To achieve this we will engage in an open and transparent dialogue with our partners to understand their processes and policy approach

3. Waste Control

3.1.  Liquid waste must be disposed of correctly, for example, we will never discharge any liquid waste, chemical or full strength detergents into sinks, down open gratings or toilets. Where there is a risk of any liquids being spilled or entering a water course suitable spillage kits will be provided.

3.2 Solid waste covers any of the following; paper, glass, plastic and polythene, aerosol cans, waste cable and contaminated waste (for example empty cleaning product containers).

3.3 All projects, no matter how small, will have a procedure to deal with waste which has to be disposed of correctly. Any waste removed from partner premises must be done so by a competent licensed waste disposal company.


4. Energy Management

4.1. Duplex Business Services acknowledges that good environmental management is not just about waste and what we do about it for our partners, we will also:

·       Switch off all unnecessary equipment after use

·       Switch off electrical equipment at the end of the day

·       Do not leave taps running especially the hot tap

·       All lights are to be switched off when not needed and / or at the end of each day