Skills bootcamp Electric Vehicle level 4

IMI Level 4 Award in the Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components.

This course will teach you about the removal and installation of high voltage components, such as battery modules, battery management systems, including temperature control cell management. It also trains you to carry out component evaluation and repairs on live high voltage vehicle systems safely. This course will involve diagnostic and data gathering to troubleshoot a HV system. It also covers the high level of safety that is necessary for an organisation that wishes to service, maintain, diagnose and repair HV components on both hybrid and electric vehicles. 

Course highlights

Level 4 will give you expanded knowledge in HV vehicles – the main discussion topics include:

Installation of high voltage components
       – Identify high voltage components
       – Remove and replace a vehicles battery
       – Balance high voltage battery modules and refitting the battery to the vehicle
Temperature control cell management
       – The thermal management system is complex but important for controlling the                                temperatures of multiple vehicle components. Too hot and this will cause severe damage            to the battery, too cold and this will reduce the output and the battery won’t be running               at maximum capacity.
Component evaluation
       – Carry out functional checks on high voltage vehicle systems following succession                         completion of repair

HV Safety
      – Experience how to visually identify high voltage vehicles and gain the skills to                                 competently secure the work area and the vehicle itself prior to any maintenance or                     repair.  
      – Vehicle identification marks & generic safety signage